We are delighted to offer our clients Advanced Wrap Around Application Technology  - the new standard in Aircraft Cabin Disinfection. This advanced approach disinfects like never before, paying special attention to the most contaminated areas such as headrests, seat pockets, tray tables, seat belt buckles and lavatory doors.

Uniquely designed sprayers deliver an atomized dose of aviation-approved disinfection solution, resulting in a spray which has a force of attraction stronger than gravity. The output becomes magnetized, ensuring that  the disinfection mist immediately adheres and covers deep into all surfaces on your aircraft cabin. Tested according to Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 1550B, 1452C and Boeing D6-7127 specifications, this new disinfection technique penetrates deeper than previous methods and greatly reduces the number of personnel required to clean and disinfect large spaces.

Wrap your aircraft interior in a totally safe, germ-killing mist, which works to clean deep inside the cracks and crevices of the cabin, creating complete coverage and disinfecting every surface.  Advanced Wrap Around Application Technology delivers complete protection, killing over 99% of bacteria and covering more surface area than traditional sprayers. This advanced disinfection technique significantly reduces the exposure and spread of dangerous bacteria.

After our disinfection procedures, we provide Hygiene Monitoring tests. With use of  luminometers, we are able to submit information on the level of the surface cleanliness in seconds.

Albatross provides the full range of premium aircraft detailing services. We specialize in creating ongoing cleaning programs for aircraft.


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