80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

- 1.5mL sachets (1,000 per box)

- 3mL sachets (1,000 per box)

- 50mL sachets (100 per box)

- 100mL sachets (50 per box)

- 100mL spray bottles

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WHO Recommended Formulation, Liquid  Format

Hand Sanitizer Sachets



Special format for Airlines and Business Aviation - small 3mL Sachets for single use are convenient for use on board of aircraft, and could be easily supplied to every boarded passenger.


Hospitals and Long Term Care Homes

The Hand Sanitizer Sachets that we make are also convenient for use in hospitals for patients who cannot freely access the fixed location of the dispensers with Hand sanitizer, so the sachets can be brought to them instead.

Right at the beginning of the pandemic crisis, we wanted to find the way to help the community. We decided to start making Hand Sanitizer. We submitted an application for the “Call to Action” initiative, which was launched by the Government of Canada in response to Covid-19.

Knowing that we had enough experience working with chemicals, and capability to produce hand sanitizer that is in critical need to the public, we decided to submit an application for a license, and very soon we were approved by Health Canada to produce Hand Sanitizer.

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