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Exterior Services

Our experienced team provides the full range of exterior detailing services.

Image of Albatross team member cleaning exterior of an aircraft
Image of two Albatross team members cleaning exterior of an aircraft

Trip Ready Wipe Down Cleanings:

Get your aircraft prepped for takeoff with our meticulous trip ready wipe down cleanings. We ensure every surface is spotless, leaving you with a pristine plane that's not only flight-ready but also very visually appealing.

Wet Wash:

Our wet wash service goes beyond the surface, rejuvenating your aircraft's exterior. Using industry-leading techniques and products, we remove contaminants and grime, revealing the true brilliance of your plane while providing lasting protection.

Dry Wash:

Experience the ultimate convenience and eco-friendliness with our dry wash service. No water is used, yet your aircraft gleams as if it just rolled out of the hangar. Our process conserves resources while delivering a stand-out shine.


Elevate your aircraft's aesthetics and protection with our premium waxing service. The lustrous shine isn't just for show – it shields your plane from the elements, ensuring it maintains its allure even amidst the rigours of flight.

Paint Revitalization:

Breathe new life into your aircraft's paintwork with our paint revitalization service. Our skilled technicians carefully address imperfections, restoring the original vibrancy and gloss, making your plane stand out on the tarmac.

Ceramic and Polymer Paint Coatings:

Take your aircraft's protection to the next level with our ceramic and polymer paint coatings. These advanced coatings provide a shield against UV rays, chemicals, and the wear of flying, preserving the beauty of your plane for countless journeys ahead.

Bright Work Metal Polishing: Reflect a commitment to excellence with our Bright Work metal polishing. From gleaming accents to aircraft essentials, we ensure that every metal surface is polished to perfection, enhancing both appearance and corrosion resistance.

De-ice Boot Refurbishment:

Don't let worn or weathered de-ice boots compromise your aircraft's safety or aesthetics. Our de-ice boot refurbishment service restores these critical components, contributing to your aircraft's overall appeal and flight readiness.

Interior Services

Our dedicated team is fully equipped to clean your aircraft to showroom standards

Complete Interior Detail:

Elevate your flying experience with our complete interior detail service. From meticulous cleaning of every surface to ensuring a fresh and inviting ambiance, we pay attention to every detail. We ensure your aircraft's interior matches the excellence of its performance.

Carpet and Upholstery Dry Cleaning:

Restore the elegance of your aircraft's interior with our efficient carpet and upholstery dry cleaning service. Our gentle yet effective technique lifts away dirt and stains, leaving your carpets and upholstery clean, vibrant, and ready to welcome passengers in style.

Carpet Extraction and Steam Cleaning:

Reinvigorate your aircraft's interior with our carpet extraction and steam cleaning. Tough stains and deep-seated grime are no match for our powerful methods, ensuring your cabin exudes a refreshed atmosphere that meets the highest standards.

Interior Sanitization:

Prioritize safety and well-being with our thorough interior sanitization. Using industry-approved products and techniques, we eliminate germs, allergens, and contaminants, creating a hygienic environment that passengers and crew can rely on.

Leather Deep Cleaning and Conditioning:

Unleash the full allure of your aircraft's leather interior with our leather deep cleaning and conditioning. Our specialized treatments remove dirt and rejuvenate the leather, maintaining its luxurious texture and enhancing its longevity.

Albatross team member on plane performing a turnaround cleaning at Pearson airport

Specialized Services

Carpet Cleaning

We are the GTA's specialists in aircraft carpet cleaning. We use the safest techniques and variety of carpet cleaning machinery to clean your aircraft’s carpets quickly, and to the highest standards. A good, regular, deep carpet cleaning suspends and releases soils from the carpets and helps significantly reduce the aircraft weight and prevent passengers’ and crews’ illness and health problems.

After image of cleaned aircraft carpet
Aircraft Disinfecting

Airlines have had to change cleaning protocols to help keep passengers safe. We offer our clients Advanced Wrap Around Application Technology - the new standard in aircraft cabin sanitization. This advanced approach disinfects like never before, paying special attention to the most contaminated areas such as headrests, seat pockets, tray tables, seat belt buckles and lavatory doors. Uniquely designed sprayers deliver an atomized dose of aviation-approved disinfection solution, resulting in a spray which has a force of attraction stronger than gravity. The output becomes magnetized, ensuring that the disinfection mist immediately adheres and covers deep into all surfaces on your aircraft cabin. Tested according to Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 145B and AMS 1452 B, our advanced sanitation solution penetrates deeper and has long-lasting antimicrobial effect (up to 10 days) combating bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. Wrap your aircraft interior in a totally safe, germ-killing mist, which works to clean deep inside the cracks and crevices of the cabin, creating complete coverage and disinfecting every surface. Advanced Wrap Around Application Technology delivers complete protection, killing over 99% of bacteria and covering more surface area than traditional sprayers. This advanced disinfection technique significantly reduces the exposure and spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses. After our sanitization procedures, we provide hygiene monitoring tests. With use of luminometers, we are able to submit information on the level of the surface cleanliness in seconds.

Image of some tools and products used by the Albatross team
Hygiene Monitoring

Aircraft disinfection is a common and extensively used process used by airlines and private operators on a regular basis. Disinfection prevents passengers being infected by the growing number of viruses we hear about in the news. After our disinfection procedures, we provide hygiene monitoring tests. With use of luminometers, we are able to submit information on the level of the surface cleanliness in seconds. Our hygiene monitoring reports serve as ongoing proof of the effectiveness of our aircraft cabin disinfection services.

Graphic displaying hygiene monitoring
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